After you have created your own training portal profile, it's time to invite your employees to create their profiles. 

Invite Employee to Create Training Portal Profiles

Step 1: From your Training Portal, go to “Quick Navigations,” and select “Invite Employees.” The Training Portal Log In page is always accessible in the top right navigation of our website:

Screenshot of arrow pointing to invite employees button under quick navigations

Step 2: Invite your employee(s) using their work email addresses (only invite employees you supervise who work in child welfare and/or child protection).

Screenshot of invite employees form on MNCWTA webpage

Step 3: On the “Invite Employees” page, you will see all employees you have sent invitations to, and whether or not they have accepted the invite. Invitations will expire within 2 weeks if they have not been accepted (you may need to remind your staff).  

Assign New Workers to Foundations

If you have new employees who need to participate in Child Welfare Foundations training, you will be able to assign that training after they have finished creating their Training Portal profiles. Once that has happened, go to your Training Portalgo to “Quick Navigations,” select “Assign Trainings,” and assign them to an upcoming cohort using their new work email address.

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