Watch Guest Account tutorial video.


  1. An approved Profile Request from the Training Portal or:

  2. An invitation from your supervisor or a Training Academy staff member

  3. The email address that you are using to create your Portal Profile and the University of Minnesota Guest Account must be exactly the same (your county/work email) and must be the one from your Profile Request or invitation.

Steps to create a new University of Minnesota Guest Account

  1. Enter the same email address that you submitted via Profile Request or from your Invitation (should be your county/work email).

  2. Enter your personal information.

  3. Create a password using the set requirements (save this information! You will use it every time you login to the Training Portal).

  4. Submit.


“Account already exists” when attempting to create a new University of Minnesota Guest Account.

That means at some point you had created a University of Minnesota Guest Account with your current email address. You should try to reset your password