When you first set up your Training Portal, you created a UMN guest account. Your UMN guest account is where you will update your email address and/or name through the steps below. 

1). If you are unable to access your former email, submit a ticket to the Training Academy tech team.
2). DO NOT create a new account or you will lose access to the Training Portal.
3). If you forgot your password, review How to reset your password.
4). Updating your supervisor, agency, or job title is a separate process

Step 1: Update your guest account through my-account.umn.edu

  • Log in to your guest account with the email and password you used when you originally set up your training portal profile. 

  • Click on Modify Guest Account on the left column and you will be able to modify your personal information, including your name and email address and password if needed. 

  • You can update your name and email here. 

  • Select Submit to save changes. 

Step 2. Before you log into your Training Portal, submit a MNCWTA help ticket. 

The Training Academy tech support team needs to update your email in your Portal and merge accounts if you have more than one. 

  1. Submit a ticket on the Contact Us page.

  2. Let the team know that you updated your guest account.

  3. Select “Updated Email” in the Type dropdown

  4. Enter your previous and new emails and any other relevant information.

  5. Click submit.

Note: You should receive an auto response notifying you that we received your ticket. If you do not receive this confirmation, follow the steps in the article Not getting a response from the help desk?